California artist, Jodi ReedArt has always been one of Jodi Reed’s greatest passions, winning numerous awards all through school. However; as life unfolded, family became her primary focus and her artwork was put on the shelf. In 1980, when her youngest child started school, she found herself once again taking art classes. She started marketing her art in boutiques, at craft shows and was commissioned to do many pieces.

She became intrigued with gourds in 2000 and dedicated herself to classes on exploring every medium possible to use with gourds. Gourds are particularly interesting to Jodi because each is different so each work is an individual one-of-a-kind. Her designs encompass a variety of themes -  often with animals including horses, deer, bears, wolves, frogs, birds and especially the whimsical dragonfly.

"Gourds are wonderfully individual, each one resplendent with its own characteristics", she explains. Jodi has taken the craft of using gourds to the level of fine art with tools and techniques to create pieces of beauty as well as utilitarian value.

Through the past few years, she has entered her fine art gourds into several competitions and was pleased with winning many first place awards.

Along with selling her gourds in galleries, Jodi enjoys traveling to Fine Art and Craft Shows with her husband, Mark.

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